Our Micropile is a type of foundation characterized by the use of a small electric pile-driver to drive special steel tubes into the soil followed by pressurized injection of grout, to provide foundation support.

Practical solution for foundation reinforcement and pile driving in locations which are difficult to access. Can be performed on almost any type of soil and also inclined, to fight small horizontal efforts.



  • High ultimate capacity considering its small diameter (pile with 15 cm diameter has a capacity up to 35 tf).
  • The execution is not limited by the presence of water on the ground level; it can be performed below the water table.
  • In ideal conditions, the average daily productivity is around 100 to 150 linear meters.
  • The process produces low-level of noise and dirt.
  • The steel tube is not recovered and becomes an integral part of the pile as structural element, increasing its resistance and ensuring the integrity of the shaft (which allows full control over the injection of grout.
  • The transport of tubes can be made in small trucks, where the cost of carriage is smaller, as well as handling, uploads and downloads, where there is no need for cranes.
  • Is a sustainable system once the steel tubes used are other companies discards.

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Arcos Micropile